Loans 10 and 11 Issued in Ramadan Posted August 29, 2011 by admin


As-salamu Alaikum!  Peace be upon you!


By the Grace of Alllah, two new loans have been issued in this blessed month, and two other loans have been repaid in full.

Alhamdulillah, all Praise is due to Allah for honoring us with the 10th and 11th loans to-date:  the first to a brother completing his Master’s Degree in Arts with his graduate research focused on Islamic and religious studies, the other to a brother pursuing his Doctorate of Clinical Psychology with a specific focus on traditional Islamic healing methods as psychotherapeutic interventions.

Both brothers have been actively involved in the Muslim community over the years and have dedicated time to studying Islam.  May Allah help them master their fields and use their skills to benefit the Ummah and the rest of Allah’s creation.

GRAND TOTAL: More than $53,000 has been issued to-date, Alhamdulillah!

Applications continue to pour in, yet with limited resources, we must prioritize; we especially like to help people who:
– are involved in the community
– have a passion to change the world through their education and career
– are in exceptionally difficult circumstances
– are pursuing studies in areas where Muslims are under-represented like Law, Journalism, Media Studies, Academia etc.
Although we consistently pray for those who have donated or loaned Iana funds to help others, we can’t help but continue to ask for assistance as the needs of the Muslim community far exceed our limited abilities.  This past month alone we have had loan requests for nearly $300,000!  As you can tell, we do our best to help people who will make a difference – be part of that change!  There are currently a handful of applicants with pressing needs who we believe deserve our help, yet we cannot afford to do so.  In these last few hours of Ramadan, help us help others.

Here’s how:
– contribute a small monthly donation, even $10 monthly goes a long way
– make a one time donation
– give Iana a loan
– encourage others to donate
– give us advice
– pray for the success and growth of this program

As-salamu Alaikum,

On behalf of the Iana Team (i.e. Tarick and Faraz),

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