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As-salamu Alaikum, Peace be upon you…

By the Grace and Favor of Allah, since our last update we’ve issued the fifteenth loan, $4000, to a brother to study at the Ta’leef Collective’s mentorship program in California.  Ta’leef “serves seekers actively interested in Islam and converts to the faith, assisting them in realizing a sustainable conversion to and practice of Islam, and a healthy, gradual integration into our greater Muslim community. Ta’leef Collective also strives to reengage the growing number of disenfranchised and often marginalized Muslim young adults.”

Being active in the Muslim community requires more than just time, it requires skills; Ta’leef helps people learn the skills needed to lead and nurture Western Muslims.  On that note, if you know people who would like to study Islam or Arabic and need interest free loans, send them to Iana.  It is our responsibility and honour to support seekers of Sacred Knowledge so they may continue to serve as lighthouses within our communities.

Our sixteenth loan, $1700, went to a brother continuing his Masters Degree in Education where he attempts to explore alternative educational models within academia.

May Allah help both of the recent loan recipients pay off their debts with ease and may He bless them to use their skills and knowledge to benefit humanity for generations to come.


Islamic Scholarship Fund

We are pleased to introduce our readers to the Islamic Scholarship Fund.  The Islamic Scholarship Fund (ISF) is a non-profit organization that provides academic scholarships to Muslim students in the United States who pursue college and post graduate degrees in humanities, social sciences, liberal arts and law.”  Their mission is to “address the problem that Muslims are underrepresented in the fields of studies and occupations that make public policy and influence public opinion.”  For those living in the US and seeking to study these programs, we encourage you to apply with ISF, and if the scholarships do not suffice, apply to Iana to complete the funding.  For those outside the US, work to start a scholarship fund wherever you are!

If you know of other services to support Muslims, please share with us so we may spread the news.


Make History!

As usual, we ask for your continued support for our work; many of you know that we receive dozens of applications over the year requesting over $1M in loans – far above our abilities.  We have people seeking to complete programs in Social Work ($5,000) and Petroleum Engineering ($5,000) hoping that Allah will help them through you so they can learn and benefit our community – these are the most urgent requests.

What we have been embarking on over the past four years is ground-breaking work.  It is clear that today’s financial systems are failing miserably at serving the needs of society; what we need are authentic, practical, and fair solutions to offer the world – and this is exactly what our faith embodies; we are only limited by our own sincerity, vision, and hard work.

We ask each of you to do what you can to support our work; for those who are in difficult circumstances, if all you can give is $5, then do so, it may be worth more than $5,000 in the sight of Allah.  For those who can afford more, your help is only for yourself as you and your family are the beneficiaries of your good deeds.  For those who have taken a loan from Iana and paid it back, be good as Allah has been good to you, for those who have not paid their loans back yet, try harder to pay it back sooner than planned so someone else may be assisted.  Whether you can give or not, make a sincere prayer in your prostration (sujood) for the success of this program – that countless people can be helped by it and in turn help their communities; and encourage your friends and family to donate and support this cause.  If you’d like us to come and present to a group of people to raise funds, by all means, we’d be more than happy to do so – connect us!

It is our sincere hope and intention that Iana continue to grow so we may offer far more loans than we currently do, yet we need people to sacrifice to make that happen.  Help us lay the first layer of bricks – you’ll be rewarded for everything that comes after inshaAllah.

Spread this message to others and have them join our mailing list.


-Sharafe and the Iana Team

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