$85,000! Loan 20, Zaytuna, and a new Website! Posted April 8, 2013 by Iana Financial


$85,000!  Loan 20, Zaytuna, and a new Website!


As-salamu Alaikum – Peace be upon you

It’s been a while since our last update, and we’ve been busy by His Grace and Favor:

1. Since our last post late in 2012, Allah has blessed us to issue another four loans: loans 17 and 20 went to two sisters studying Nursing, one at Norquest College the other at Grant MacEwan for $6,500 and $1000 respectively; loan 18 went to a sister studying International Development Studies for $4,548, and loan 19 went to a brother studying Education for $768.  All of these loans are expected to be paid back within 2013 alhamdulillah.

2. Our total of 20 loans have a combined value of over $85,000 mashaAllah!  This is partly due to the exceptional repayment of many borrowers may Allah bless them: some of them repaying long before their due date; over $30,000 has already been repaid and most of that has been re-issued to other borrowers.  Alhamdulillah, all praise to Allah, after our last update, we’ve had donations of about $10,000 and loans of $5,000 as well as more people signing up as monthly online donors.  It seems like more and more people are believing in the importance and viability of this simple initiative – which is a good thing because we have large ambitions to expand this service and we continue to receive a high volume of requests for hundreds of thousands of dollars every few months.  As the current convoluted and corrupt financial system continues its decay as it ruins the lives of millions, the need for simple grass-roots services like Iana is astronomical so keep the support coming, motivate others to donate, or start your own similar program!

3. Know anyone who would like to study at Zaytuna in California?  Zaytuna College offers a Bachelor’s Degree in Islamic Law and Theology and an 8-week Summer Arabic Intensive program (read more about Zaytuna below).  If you know of anyone who is passionate about Islamic Studies and serving the community and they need financial help, encourage them to apply to Iana for financial aid including loans and potential grants.  We are actively looking to support people in the pursuit and study of Islam (e.g. SeekersGuidance, Qibla, or others) and Arabic programs like Bayyinah and we welcome seekers of Sacred Knowledge who aspire to study at these or other recognized institutions to apply for a loan from Iana.

We also encourage people who are pursuing studies with a specific focus on unique areas that will benefit Muslims or society at large to apply for a loan from Iana.  This includes people of integrity and vision seeking to study Law with the intention to develop or support causes like CAIR-CAN, or Journalism with the intention of supporting progressive media like Truthout or Democracy Now!, or Medicine with the intention to do something like UMMA in Los Angeles.  You get the point.

Finally, a special thanks goes out to Farooq Maseehuddin for the latest re-design to our website – expect it to evolve over the next few months.  We kindly ask that you sign up to our mailing list, encourage others to sign up, and again: donate whatever you can either by passing your donation to myself or Tarick Fadel in person, through Paypal, or by mailing checks to:

Iana Financial, 8304 136 Ave., Edmonton AB  T5E 1T8

All of our work is volunteer-based and we personally cover all administration fees – 100% of your donations go to help people by lending them money interest-free, and in some cases we issue partial grants.

Do keep us in your sincere prayers that Allah accepts our efforts and that He pours immense Mercy and Blessings in our work!

Sharafe Elladen, Tarick Fadel, and the Iana Team


More information about Zaytuna (

At Zaytuna College, our curriculum is collaboratively designed by a diverse faculty educated at traditional institutions of learning from Africa to India, as well as at western academic institutions such as Yale, Cornell, and Stanford.

Our learning objectives are crafted from the term adab, traditionally understood to be a primary goal of a meaningful education:

  • acquire learning tools;
  • demonstrate high moral character;
  • analyze subjects in relation to each other;
  • build community through service.

We believe the Islamic intellectual tradition offers an important contribution to global conversations that shape our common destiny. To prepare Muslim leaders of tomorrow, Zaytuna College now offers one undergraduate degree: a Bachelor of Arts in Islamic Law and Theology. Each student is required to take four-and-a half years of Arabic, eight courses in Islamic and comparative law, and three courses each in theology, comparative religion, and logic. Classes on rhetoric, the Qur’an, Hadith, Prophetic biography, spiritual psychology, the rise and fall of civilizations, U.S. and Islamic history, the history of science, astronomy, philosophy, literature, ethics, and politics round out the curriculum. Community service projects and civic engagement opportunities enable students to put theory into practice, and a senior capstone project allows them to integrate and apply all their previous coursework.

In all aspects of college life, we emphasize that as God’s creation we are interconnected, bound by our shared humanity and common dreams of a sustainable future. God willing, this awareness will penetrate the professions our graduates pursue, the families they raise, the communities they inhabit, and the peace they preserve. Graduates leave Zaytuna with the conviction that human flaws can be overcome through study and service and the understanding that they are beginning a lifelong moral and intellectual journey.

Together we will continue to prepare the Muslim leaders of tomorrow. Please support Zaytuna College with your prayers and donations.

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