IFSSA, Loans 21 through 23, $100,000 Benchmark, and Zia Khan! Posted September 26, 2013 by Iana Financial


As-salamu Alaikum, Peace and Blessings upon You,

By the Grace and Favor of Allah (God), gradually, Iana continues to grow. Here’s what’s been happening:

IFSSA Social Work Grant

The Islamic Family and Social Services Association (IFSSA) has been serving the local Edmonton community for over two decades.   With services like the Healthy Family Program, counseling, resources for newcomers, a halal food bank, and youth development programs, IFSSA is a leading social pillar for the Muslim community in Edmonton.

We are grateful to announce that IFSSA is generously offering an annual grant of $500 to aid people studying in Social Work programs.  Our community is in dire need of Muslims who can help fellow Muslims overcome social challenges.  The grant will, insha’Allah, be part of a loan package awarded to the successful candidate.  If you know someone who is genuinely passionate about Social Work, have them apply for an interest-free loan and a grant at

Loans 21 through 23:

Loan 21, for $2,000, went to Aaron from Edmonton, who just completed his Bachelor’s in Applied Communications in Professional Writing, may Allah make his writing a source of guidance for all.  Loan 22 was for $10,000, and went to Arslan from Edmonton, who has completed his studies in Optometry–may Allah help him to help others see outwardly and inwardly.  Loan 23, for $6,000, went to Muhammad from Calgary, who is finishing his Master’s in Sustaining Energy Development, to help us learn to live in harmony with the world . . . . We ask Allah to bless these loan recipients to complete their studies with excellence, pay back their loans quickly, and, most importantly, to be of tremendous benefit to their communities and society at large.

The recent $18,000 of loans takes our total to $103,000 in loans issued, masha’Allah. Alhamdulillah, crossing the $100,000 mark in loans issued is a major milestone in Iana’s development, and we are humbled at seeing how far this small project has come. Although it took us nearly 5 years to reach this stage, our current goal is to issue the next $100,000 in loans by the end of 2014. We set this aggressive goal knowing that it can be realized, through your generosity, by the help of Allah.

Again we end this update with a plea:
1. Donate generously and encourage your friends and family to do so!
2. Send this update to at least 10 family and friends and ask them to sign up to the Iana Mailing List. Our Mailing List has now surpassed 250 people: pass this on to 10 people – help us grow our base to at least 1000. As you know, we send only a handful of messages per year.
3. If you know of someone who is an excellent candidate for a loan, send them our way.  We are looking for people who are serious about making a big difference in society.
4. Make sincere prayers that Allah blesses this initiative and those working in it, and that Allah accepts and preserves their deeds.

Here’s what our beloved Zia Khan had to say from the Centre for Islamic Development; as you donate and pray for Iana, also do the same for the CID project in Halifax, Nova Scotia:

“Greed, greed and more greed; this is our modern world. In these days of “self-love” beyond everything else, you can find brothers and sisters dedicated to give back, to help, to alleviate–IANA is that organization ready to trample on greed and gluttony, your help is most needed.

IANA is a project that we all should support, giving back a few dollars is a way of getting much more.

Why not let your monies be a source of constant goodness for you? When you support IANA, you support the Ummah.

In times that we live in, what a shinning example can an organization like IANA be; while banks lacerate the human, IANA gives a goodly loan to let people stand back on their feet without having to worry to pay back triple of what they borrowed– what a sound investment for the Hereafter. Just imagine, you donate $5000 dollars, a struggling student receives it. That student gets educated, stands on their feet, pays back, and… the beauty, your money is given to another and another. How will this look on the Day of Judgment– MOST HANDSOME.

All my love and support for IANA, what a beautiful endeavour.

Your brother in service of Deen,



As-salamu Alaikum,

Laura, Tarick, and Sharafe

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