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In the Name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful,
All Praise is due to God
All Peace and Blessings upon His Final Prophet and Messenger Muhammad and all His Prophets and Messengers


Iana Financial is an interest-free lending program inspired by a good deed: a few people in the Edmonton community gave some money to help a sister who was struggling with her student debt. But they did not want that money back! Once her loan was paid back, that money was to go to help someone else. From this spirit of help, Iana Financial was born. Since 2008 God has blessed Iana to support dozens of people. Thankfully (Alhamdulillah!) our work keeps gaining momentum: more donations are coming in and more applications; please continue your sincere prayers for this beneficial service to grow and flourish.

Iana is an Arabic word meaning “help”or “assistance”. To help is at the core of Iana’s existence; Iana provides financial services that ease peoples’ financial burdens.  IANA’s vision is to offer God-centred community financial services, for the common good.  Iana aims to provide these services to society in light of traditional Islamic principles and values.

Iana currently offers five types of interest-free loans: Education, Emergency, Small Business, Institutional, and Vehicle.



Upon reading and learning, we have come to realize that grassroots economic reform is some of the most important work on Earth as the financial sector has clearly gone off the rails and is wreaking havoc on every other aspect of our lives and our world: warfare, extreme poverty, the environment – plants, animals, air, water, land; healthcare, energy, agriculture, education, etc. see this by Ethica: http://www.ethicainstitute.com/manifesto.aspx

We believe that just spending any time serving in this area is a major Gift from The Most Merciful; we believe such work to be fulfilling a major communal obligation upon the Muslim community in the West and even in the world – we are both honoured and humbled to be serving in such capacity and we pray our efforts are blessed and accepted by Him.


We ask God to accept our efforts and to benefit many people through this work.

“Whosoever relieves a believer from a worldly burden, God will relieve him from a burden of the Hereafter. Whosoever alleviates the situation of a person in difficulty, God will alleviate his situation in this world and in the Hereafter. Whosoever conceals the faults of a Muslim, God will conceal his faults in this world and in the Hereafter.  God will continue to aid a servant (of His) so long as that servant continues to aid his brother….”
 [Authentic Hadeeth Compiled by Imam Muslim]

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