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In the Name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful,
All Praise is due to God
May God’s Peace and Blessings be upon His Final Prophet Muhammad and all His Prophets and Messengers


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 1. Study with Iana

We believe that money will not solve our personal or global problems. Rather, a sincere returning to our Lord and our true purpose in life is what we need to set things right in our personal lives, in our families, communities, and the world. Such a tawbah (repentance) requires with it sound knowledge on how things ought to be to restore the sacred balance on earth.

Iana’s primary work is education. We offer courses, workshops, and in-house volunteer training. These opportunities include training in: spiritual development; fundamental theological principles and Islamic law; Islamic finance and economics; and modern finance and economics including monetary theory and practical applications that lead to financial literacy (e.g., cash vs. credit, banks vs. credit unions, currency, investment options, stock markets, etc.).

To learn more about education opportunities or to join Iana’s volunteer team or to offer advice, email (Note: Those who are part of the cause, learning and applying this knowledge, or volunteering with Iana take higher priority as applicants.)


 2. Save with Iana

Saving with Iana is an effective way to save your money while helping others.   Whether saving for Hajj, towards purchasing a home, for your children’s education, or retirement, you can lend money to Iana at an agreed time-frame or year-by-year.

It’s simple: contact us specifying the loan amount, duration and a few other details, we prepare a loan agreement, once signed, you transfer the funds to Iana, and we use those funds to help people with interest-free loans.  At the end of the agreed duration, we pay you back – it’s that simple!

If you prefer to go year by year, each year you are given an opportunity to schedule a withdrawal of your savings.

A detailed contract is available for your review – we believe you will agree that it is flexible, fair, and reasonable.

This option is far more rewarding than keeping your money in the bank – rather than helping banks lend your money at interest, let Iana help people interest-free!

Contact our team to start your Iana lending/saving account:

 3Donate to Iana

“God deprives interest of all blessing, but causes charity to prosper.” 

~ Holy Qur’an (2:276)

*We do not have charitable status. Your donation will not receive a tax-receipt. Instead of tax-receipts, God’s gifts are immediate and ever-lasting and come in many shapes and colours!

*Donations will be used to further Iana Financial’s vision. This includes providing interest-free loans as well as other initiatives related to Islamic financial community services such as education initiatives.

*Every penny counts! Every contribution goes to the pool of funds while all administrative are covered by Iana volunteers.

How can I donate?

1. Directly to Iana’s Servus Credit Union Account – Walk into any Servus Credit Union and donate directly to Iana Financial under the account number: 5176250. Please leave a note with your donation indicating your name.

2. By cheque – Cheques can be made to Iana Financial and mailed to:

Iana Financial
P.O. Box 61027 Delton
Edmonton, AB T5E 6J6

3. By e-transfer – Email the transfer to

Note on credit card donations – You will notice that we have no online donation feature. If we are serious about grassroots economic reform to get us out of this modern financial catastrophe, we need to take the inconvenient steps that such a principled approach demands. Each year the Muslim community, and the broader community, of North America literally throw away millions of dollars to credit card companies and banks rather than to the good causes they intend to help simply for the convenience of paying by credit. Our entire society suffers as a result. Let us take the extra effort and discipline to save our money and pay by cash, cheque, debit or direct deposit. Not only is this the better thing to do financially but, more importantly, God will appreciate our efforts to avoid supporting a corrupt system that impoverishes countless people around the world. The blessings of such actions will more than compensate for the inconvenience, God-willing.


Thank you very much!

Your contribution will, God-willing, help someone complete their education or meet some pressing need, without the burden of falling into usury and paying interest on their loan. Instead of abandoning their attempts to avoid interest or compromising their faith to pursue their ambitions, your support helps people preserve their faith and protects their wealth so they can focus on saving for a home for their family, buying a reliable vehicle, saving for their children’s education, or giving charity.  For that act of kindness, for helping someone else, God will help you. We pray God will reward you for the good of every recipient does through your support.

May God guide, help, and bless everyone who supports this initiative through their duaa (prayers), good words, advice, donations, loans, time, and energy. Jazaak Allah khayran! May God reward you with goodness!

All blessings and peace upon our beloved Prophet Muhammad. All thanks are due to God, Lord of the worlds.